For a healthy lifestyle you need to balance regular exercise with good nutrition habits. Let me guide you towards the best pathway for you, and help achieve your long term health and physique goals.

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Let’s face it, many of us likely overate over Thanksgiving 🦃 (I’ll volunteer a hand 🙋🏼‍♀️ pecan pie is my weakness 🤤) & many of you have reached out asking me the following “Which is better? Exercising more or restricting calories to get the weight off?”

Fat loss can be achieved in several ways.
💜We can exercise more 🏃‍♀️ and thus eat more 🍫
💜We can eat less 🥺 to exercise less

But which is better?🤔

As a general rule for most people, eating more and exercising more is probably beneficial up to a certain point.
Many people who are overweight have a certain degree of physical inactivity and could likely benefit simply from moving around more. This also has the added benefit of achieving a leaner more muscular physique if the activity involves resistance training! 💪🏽

It’s also likely that people who are very physically inactive and overweight don’t have a high caloric intake to start with, thus it may be hard to decrease food intake.

So, if you are someone who is relatively inactive and want to lose weight, start by increasing your physical activity before you significantly decrease your caloric intake.

On the other hand, if you are an individual who is already incredibly active and has the desire to decrease bodyfat further. It’s probably unreasonable to increase your physical activity even further. Therefore, decreasing calories may be a useful strategy for these individuals.

Similarly, fitness competitors getting ready to step on stage probably benefit from decreasing food intake for fat loss since their energy levels for exercise are typically extremely low near competition due to being very lean.

Overall, the general population probably benefits from moving more / eating more in order to improve body composition. A great example of this are elite athletes. If you look at their diet, most of them are not severely restricting their caloric intake. Quite the contrary in fact, they typically eat sufficient food to fuel their exercise. However, there are likely some niche populations where more activity may not be the answer.

Comment below 👇🏽 what is your usual strategy when undergoing a fat loss phase?

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