For a healthy lifestyle you need to balance regular exercise with good nutrition habits. Let me guide you towards the best pathway for you, and help achieve your long term health and physique goals.

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😍Take a guess what’s inside the Ramekins?
It’s not just one ☝🏽but TWO jars of absolute HEAVEN!

You know I’m a HUGE sweet tooth 💕 Can’t wait to see your guesses!

If you feel like getting busy in the kitchen this weekend 😛 you better stick around for this!

Full recipe and video posting to IG TV and YouTube at 4:30pm EST today!

Warming up for that maximum lift is super important!

Here is how @teambiolayne coach @noahdavidlee warms up for his compound lifts. This is almost the exact approach I use when I warm up for my own compound lifts. If you got the chance to check out my ‘1 Rep Max testing’ video this past week, you’ll see my 6 warm up sets before taking my 1 Rep max lift!

‘Today’s recommendations are somewhat generalizable, however for more experienced lifters, a more exact % of 1RM and specific rep ranges are used.

Noah suggests listening to your body and how you are feeling as you warm up, as you are not going to feel the same every day, some days a weight typically used for 80% effort may feel easy, other days a weight typically used for 70% effort may feel closer to 100% effort!

Noah also recommends starting with just the bar and focus on form, then follow on with the suggested warm up lifts.

If you have an estimated 1 Rep Max or a goal you are shooting for, you can calculate exactly what weight you should use at each warm up set based on your 1 Rep max.

Still got questions ? Follow and Hit Up 👉🏽 @noahdavidlee 🔥🔥

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