For a healthy lifestyle you need to balance regular exercise with good nutrition habits. Let me guide you towards the best pathway for you, and help achieve your long term health and physique goals.

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@teambiolayne coach @mathasfitness dropping some humor and some knowledge.

‘Just going to leave this one right here for someone who needs to hear it

People are so eager to lose weight quick that they will try anything without even considering if it is logical or not 🙄

I can’t tell you how many people I have encountered over the years of coaching who still think Keto is “magical.”

Let me tell you, if your definition of “magical” is thinking you can eat as much fat and put butter in your coffee and lose weight I am gladly going to rain on that parade.

Now before all the keto bashers jump in here, let me put a disclaimer out. If you enjoy eating that way, and it is sustainable for you, as well as keeping you in a calorie deficit, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with keto. You folks are not the ones I am speaking to.

The folks I’m speaking to are the ones that think carbs are the enemy and as long as they cut them out they will be able to finally drop all of that weight they’ve been wanting, even if it means replacing all those calories with extra fat grams.

Carbs are a source of energy, just like fat is. If you cut one out and replace it with more of the other and you are still at your maintenance calories or higher, you WON’T lose body fat.

Sure it’s true, if you eat more fat than your body will start preferentially using body fat for fuel, but guess what, your body is also going to store more fat if you’re not in a deficit.

Calorie balance matters. Protein matters. If you choose to be high carb/low fat or high fat/low carb does not matter as long as you are in a calorie deficit overall.

Also, what do you think tastes better in coffee...butter or maybe allocating a small portion of your carbs to add sugar in there?

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