Video Testimonial

Teri is an ex figure competitor who unfortunately went through a period of weight re gained in the post comp period, and her story is not too dissimilar to those I have heard from others, who describe their prep as ‘going through hell’, in order to get to a stage lean body condition.

Here are some images of Teri looking pretty awesome, but also feeling pretty ‘beat up’ after what she describes to me of her diet experience.

When Teri started working with me, she was weighing about 35 lbs more than when she ended her last diet, 192.1 lbs.

Her calories were still rather restrictive when she came to me, and after seeing some of the progress I’d made with other clients, she really felt like now was the right time to work on repairing her metabolism.

Once her metabolism is in a better place, we will discuss a shift of focus and get her back towards achieving her old competition body composition using a more enjoyable approach (flexible dieting)!

Teri began her reverse diet quite recently. I gave her approx ~200 calorie increase from her reported maintenance calories.

A short 12 weeks later she has been able to increase her calories from 1946 to 2480 and has actually lost body fat during this time and is now weighing in at 188.6 lbs. We hope to continue working on repairing her metabolism for another 8 weeks, with the goal of minimal weight change. Then we will undertake phase 1 of her diet.

Terese in contest

Progress Photos


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