For a healthy lifestyle you need to balance regular exercise with good nutrition habits. Let me guide you towards the best pathway for you, and help achieve your long term health and physique goals.

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16 Week Diet & Lifestyle Remodel⁣⁣
Starts February 1st, SIGN UP NOW !!
📧 Click the link in my bio to INQUIRE ⁣
This is our 6th time running this coaching program and in 2021 things are heating up 🔥
Once again the entire @teambiolayne crew are getting involved to ensure no one misses out ! We also have some amazing prizes for the winners !! 🏆
If you are tired of spinning your wheels and not progressing towards your goals, then this is the program for you!⁣⁣
The 16 Week Challenge is all about making positive behavioral change.⁣⁣
Stop allowing bad habits hold you back and let our team of coach’s teach you the science of nutrition and start making progress towards your dream physique now!⁣⁣
Whether your goal is to lose fat, repair your metabolism or build muscle, you can still WIN this challenge 😃!⁣⁣
Program inclusions;⁣⁣
🧡16 Weeks Coaching for the price of 12, plus 👇🏽
🧡Tailored nutrition recommendations⁣⁣
🧡Macros / Calorie breakdown ⁃ Flexible dieting education⁣⁣
🧡Weekly one on one check ins⁣⁣
🧡Access to the Biolayne Workout builder⁣⁣
(Over 50 + evidence based training programs suitable for all experience levels and goals!
🧡 Customize your program to suit your preferences, and access to exercise equipment
🧡Post coaching support and nutrition advice
🧡Copy of my macro friendly recipe book ’If it fits your macros‘⁣⁣

◽️12 Weeks access to Biolayne Workout Builder
▫️Copy of all our educational E-Books 📖
◽️Ultimate Glute Band Pack @myglutefactory

The grand prize winner receive all of the above plus 6 months of FREE coaching from your @teambiolayne coach which is crazy value
Flights and accommodation for an all inclusive weekend trip to Florida 🌴☀️(Must be resident of USA 🇺🇸 and available to travel between June 4-6,2021).
Plus, you’ll the opportunity to meet your coach and everyone participating in the challenge at a team event (MORE INFO COMING), and some one on one relaxing and training time with our Biolayne team (@biolayne and myself Included).

Don’t miss out, this is already our biggest challenge yet! Sign Up Now! 👉🏽 click the link in my bio !


First person to correctly answer all of the questions below will WIN a copy of my book, ‘The Complete Reverse Diet Guide’, My book ‘The Complete Contest Prep Recipe Guide’, one of my Glute bands @myglutefactory, and lastly a tub of my Pre Workout and Recovery products by @outworknutritionofficial 🙂⁣

😊Here we go folks! Tag a friend who might also like a chance to win these goodies! GOODLUCK! ⁣

1. How old am I this year? Bonus Points*What is my date of birth?)⁣

2. Which country was I born? ⁣

3. Guess my favorite flavor?⁣
A.) Salted Caramel ⁣
B.) Chocolate ⁣
C.) Peanut Butter⁣

4. What kind of car do I drive ? ⁣
A.) Coupe⁣
B.) SUV⁣
C.) Sports Car⁣
D.) Truck⁣

5. What’s my middle name?⁣

6. List the x2 flavors of our supplement produc ‘Recovery’ by @outworknutritionofficial ⁣
Bonus Points*which is my favorite?⁣

7. What was the name of my current YouTube Series? ⁣

8. What are my current maintenance calorie targets using my diet coaching app @carbondietcoach? ⁣
A.) 2600⁣
B.) 1930⁣
C.) 1540 ⁣

⁣9. What’s my favorite dessert?
A. Nutella Pizza
B. Apple Pie Ice cream
C. Warm Peanut Butter Brownie & Icecream
D. Caramel Filled Donut

10.. What’s my current favorite alcoholic drink?⁣
A.) Long Island Iced Tea (no simple syrup or triple sec, Diet Coke)⁣
B.) Vodka, Mint, Lime & Soda⁣
C.) Cold brew, Vodka, Baileys Irish Cream

24 hours starts now!

Slide background gradient carbon logo Get Carbon Ready for a sustainable diet? Download Carbon now. get it on google play 1. Set Your Goal

2. Track Your Food

3. Check In
grey stripe background Buy Book Tired of the yo-yo diet cycle? Learn how it’s possible to achieve long term results through the process of reverse dieting! Check out my book ‘The Complete Reverse Dieting Guide’ written by myself and the man who pioneered the concept Dr Layne Norton. reverse dieting book new book Slide holly with glute band My Glute Factory Logo Learn More... Slide outwork nutrition recovery outwork nutrition Learn More Improve recovery and support lean body mass with Outwork Nutrition Recovery. Train harder, longer,
and more effectively with
Outwork Nutrition Pre-Workout.
Slide Holly Baxter deadlift squat with band one legged squat Getting lean at the gym Workout Builder Learn More - 50 + Resistance Training Videos
- Beginners through advanced
- At Home & Gym Based Options
- 4 - 16 Week Programs
- 240+ exercises
$12.99 per month
Unlimited access!
Cancel any time.
PROGRESS TRACKER Helps keep you on target with your daily macro tracking DOWNLOAD FREE




Pre Orders ‘SOLD OUT’. ‘The complete contest prep guide will be available for sale this March 2018 from the online BioLayne store.



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