For a healthy lifestyle you need to balance regular exercise with good nutrition habits. Let me guide you towards the best pathway for you, and help achieve your long term health and physique goals.

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✨ Carbon completely changed Alyssa’s mindset around nutrition and fitness ✨⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

I thought I would share a bit of my transformation today. People ask me a lot how did you do it? Short answer is work and consistency. I started being consistent with my workouts in April. I started working out regularly 5-6 days a week also started tracking what I ate. I have always been someone who ate healthy, and had a good sense of what healthy choices were but realized I wasn’t eating the right combinations. Did that for a few months and started to see some decent changes.

Then I discovered Carbon Diet Coach!

This app changed the game for me, in conjunction with my home workouts. It’s so much more than an app, it feels strange calling it that because I feel it minimizes it, it’s a science based program, it’s a way of life, it’s a community, it’s education.

Carbon has done so much for me, yes physically but most importantly it completely changed my mindset around nutrition and fitness as a whole! I cannot begin to explain the amount of information, articles, and videos I have watched by Layne Norton, Holly Baxter, and Keith Kraker on the whole subject of nutrition and health and fitness. It was so refreshing to learn from people who are dedicated to sharing the truth and are out there every day sharing the science with you.

Today I have a completely different mindset around health and fitness and how to create the lifestyle. I realized that mindset is the most important thing, because once you change your mindset, you will change yourself and begin to understand what it all means and how to do it in a healthy way 😊

Here is what I learned so far:
* This is a journey, not a race, it takes time and patience if you want to do it right
* You have to put in the WORK and BE CONSISTENT!

Thank you to Carbon’s Facebook Group that supports so many people in their quest to better health:)

Find what works for you, stick with it, enjoy it, and you will see change in both mind and body if you will see change in mind, and body if you are willing to do the work!

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