vegas seminar

The Strip Crossfit

Sunday, September 16, 2018 | 10am – 4pm
Las Vegas, NV

Come learn from the top experts in nutrition, training, and coaching. For the first time in Las Vegas, Layne Norton, Holly Baxter, Paul Revelia, and Andres Vargas spend 6 hours with you discussing cutting edge topics in nutrition and training. Visit to purchase tickets.

Tampa seminarbanner

Tampa seminar with Layne Norton & more

Saturday, May 12, 2018
University of South Florida, Room 3707

What’s better than an international speaker, scientist and competitive physique athlete all in one? Two of them. Layne Norton and Menno Henselmans are coming to Tampa, Florida, in the US for a science backed seminar on training and nutrition for muscle hypertrophy and fat loss.

For a true knowledge overload, we have guest lectures from Bill Campbell, PhD, president of the ISSN and author at the NSCA, Holly Baxter, BS, MS, RD, 2x world natural fitness model world champion, and Sanne Leenman, WBFF champion.

Thialand banner

Biolayne Lifting Camps & Seminars

April 20-23 & April 27-30, 2018
Bangkok, Thailand

The BioLayne series of camps and seminars have become legendary in the fitness industry. BioLayne was the first company to organize these kinds of camps combining lifting instruction with high level nutrition and training seminars. Now, in another first, BioLayne heads to Asia for the first time ever. Dr. Layne Norton, PhD Nutritional Sciences & pro bodybuilder/powerlifter along with BioLayne Director of Nutrition, Holly Baxter MS APD, 2x World Champion Fitness Model, head to Bangkok, Thailand for a series of camps and seminars unlike any Asia has seen before.

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