Growing mentally and emotionally in my fitness journey

About Vidhya

Hello, my name is Vidya, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve been working with Holly for a little over a year. Initially, when I started working with Holly, it was primarily for fat loss. But over the span of a year and a few months, we’ve gone through a period of fat loss, then a recomp, and also at maintenance. So, I’ve tried all the spectrums with Holly.

What she says…

Holly helps her clients grow mentally and, I would say, psychologically when it comes to nutrition and exercise science. I have greatly benefited just from all the interactions I’ve had with Holly in understanding how to manipulate my diet and tailor my exercises to my goals. I would say that I am a much happier person mentally and emotionally because of that. Having that informed mindset definitely plays a big role in my day-to-day life as well.

Holly also sometimes acts as my therapist. She puts me in place when she feels that I am taking on too much or maybe not thinking through things in a good way. I truly appreciate that, and I can always expect very sound, grounded, and scientifically clear responses from Holly.

So, if you are a person at whatever stage of your fitness journey you might be in, looking for nutritional guidance, especially evidence-based guidance, and a supportive coach, I’ve had the pleasure to call Holly my coach and also a good friend. That’s how I see her, and that’s how she sees all her clients as well.

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