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Hi there! I wrote out a true, authentic, and from-the-heart written testimonial for my time with Holly below. I don’t really have a conventional “before and after” photo to be honest, and a 15-30 second video would not do my experience justice. That being said, I wrote out a more in depth written testimonial, and if at any time Holly wants to do an interview testimonial video  (I do these with my graduate clients and they are SO powerful), just say the word. I’m happy to brag about Holly’s amazingness on video any day Here’s my written testimonial. I hope this is helpful!

I discovered Holly about a year before I hired her, but she wasn’t taking on clients at the time, so I waited until she was, because I KNEW there was something special and different about her.


Vulnerably sharing her own experiences on social media about her own eating disorders, disordered eating, perfectionism, as well as her own internal struggles as a professional competitor, I knew she was exactly who I was looking for.

Because let’s just say that my goals were a bit ‘different’ than a more typical “get in shape” or “lose x pounds” kind of goals that former versions of myself would have been striving for.


I was at the point where I had healed from my own disordered eating and body image struggles….and I truly LOVED myself and my body….BUT….

I wanted to LIKE and APPRECIATE my body more.

And I wanted to finally  give myself permission to allow multiple things to be true at the same time:

To feel peace with food (and my body), feel grateful and proud of where I am and where I came from…

To allow myself to NOT feel GUILTY for WANTING to go up-level… and feel even MORE comfortable in my own skin (and yes in my case, I wanted to shed some body fat, get stronger, and feel my best when I turned 40).

So I approached her and asked if she would be willing to coach me on becoming the version of myself that could maintain my healthy relationship with food and my body AND focus on changing my body composition in a healthy way that contributed even more to my self love and body appreciation journey.

And most importantly…in a way that I can SUSTAIN it, and where THAT just becomes my ‘new normal’ (more or less).

And I also hired her to love on me, teach me new ways of being, and hold my own feet to the fire so that I could go learn what I had NOT YET mastered.

Not only did she happily oblige, but I can tell you this with the utmost certainty: She was the PERFECT coach for me.

She ‘got it’. She got me.  And it was honestly the best coaching experience of my life.

Yes I shed about 10 pounds of unwanted body fat and lowered my body fat percentage by about 6%…but it was so much more than that.


I learned the art of being in a “maintenance phase” without feeling like I was stagnant, complacent, or regressing.

And I learned (and am still learning) the art of “reverse dieting” to teach my body to adapt to even more calories, add muscle to my body, and focus on new definitions of success along the way.

I feel like I know how to influence my body in a way that serves me mentally, physically, and emotionally, and I truly feel like I have the science-backed skills to shed pounds when I want, maintain with ease, and change my body from the inside out….but on my own terms.

These are the kinds of skills (and self-confidence) that will serve me for the rest of my life!

Best investment ever.




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