Jaime Hinckley

Repairing my relationship with food

Love Yourself Fit Testimonial May 2023

About Jaime

I started this challenge with the goal to enter a gaining phase for the first time ever in my life. I was super nervous to say the least! Working in the fitness industry myself, I knew exactly what it was going to take and how uncomfortable I was going to have to get.


I’ve chased fat loss my whole adult life and have suffered from years of being on a never-ending binge-restrictive cycle which did a number on not only my metabolism, but more importantly my relationship with food. I spent the last year repairing this relationship and getting to a place where I felt good about my body.

I reached a point where I knew I had to start a muscle build phase if I was ever going to achieve my long-term goals. There was no doubt in my mind that Holly would be the perfect coach for me along this journey. I especially love how she incorporates more than just the physical aspect and puts a strong emphasis on the mental and emotional parts. When Holly announced the Love Yourself Fit Challenge, I felt immediately called to join her and all the other amazing Team Holly coaches to help kickstart my build. It’s been so wonderful having such a supportive team of women over the last 16 weeks and was just what I needed!


While the challenge is coming to an end, my journey is only just beginning. I’m currently up almost 8 lbs and have never felt stronger or more secure about my body image. I love myself for what my body can do, not for what it looks like. I plan to continue with Holly and build for another 6-8 months before starting a fat loss phase. I cannot wait to see all those gains revealed when the time comes! Until then, I will trust the process and enjoy all the extra calories coming my way.

For anyone on the fence about signing up for coaching, I would say, don’t hesitate. I can personally say, even as a trainer myself, everyone needs a coach. We all need that objective perspective to keep our head in the game when the going gets tough. It’s not an easy thing to do, but delaying starting will only make it harder. You are well worth the investment and will not regret it!


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